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So Much Life Is Happening Right Now-BUT I'M OK!

So I already wrote a love letter to Pound which you can read here but today I'm going to elaborate a little more because, drum roll please (I'm SO punny!!!), I'm now licensed to POUND!!!

Yep, I'm officially a Pound Pro!

I went to an amazing training yesterday with two amazing icons (shout out to Amber and Reagan who are TOTALLY never going to read this blog, but that's OK!) and officially earned my license to ROCK.

I am sore today, but not as sore as I'd expect! I just feel like I participated in a class but we did MUCH more than that. There was lecture, so lots of learning and I'm a wicked nerd so I loved that! Then of course there was technique which is semi important...although Amber encouraged Drum Solo's and I'll be encouraging the same from my students because life is too goddamn short to be perfect!!

OK-WARNING-I'm totally amped up and might swear a little bit cause that's what happens when I'm excited so if profanity offends you stop…
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Living Is Learning

I just started a new job and we give candy  to clients but of course if there’s candy I’m going to eat it and I cannot have just 1. The first day I ate 5... the second day I promised myself I would only eat 1 then I worried the entire day that if I ate 1 I would probably want another and I didn’t want to eat more than 1...I drove myself so crazy that I ended up eating 10 
I’m admitting this because I know you won’t judge me but I was full of shame and I felt sick after inhaling all those peppermint patties. 
I’ve been slowly building up to a pretty significant change in my eating and the incident with these candies was the straw that broke the camels back. 
Even though I know I CAN eat whatever I want, even though I know that deprivation and restriction DOES NOT WORK, I am also realizing that some “foods” are just not worth it. 
I was afraid to tell myself I “couldn’t” have any candy because I did a very restrictive diet and really wrecked myself but I also need to set some boundaries bec…
Today was a much better day than yesterday. I was tired so I slept in a little. At one point while half asleep I thought “I should get up, I have to eat breakfast before I go. Oh well, maybe I’ll just get an egg sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts this morning since we don’t have much food in the house.” Then I remembered I’m taking a break from processed foods for a bit since they’re having a significant impact on my eating and I climbed out of bed to make myself a bowl of fat free Greek yogurt with some strawberries and an egg that I ate at my dining room table. I made my own coffee at home and saved money and points.
It’s the first time in a really long time that I didn’t hit the Dunkin’ drive through for a large iced coffee. 2 points. 3 bucks. 
Every. Single. Day.
I had plans to meet my sister for a pedicure after my first meeting and I was REALLY hungry so I stopped at the supermarket first because I knew I could get something “safe” there. I remember from my Whole 30 days that Lara Bars a…