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A Tough Day Can't Stop Me

(blog written 5/16/2018 posted 5/20/20/18)

Yesterday was a terrible day. 
It was gorgeous outside but I felt miserable and I stayed on my couch most of the day.
I don’t know what came over me; I wasn’t physically sick but I just didn’t feel good. I even skipped Pound. I’d been looking forward to it all week and I skipped it so I could sit on my couch and feel sorry for myself and honestly, it was silly.I knew I would feel worse if I skipped the gym and I think that's part of the reason I did. If I feel bad, why not make myself feel worse?
My dog snuggled with me which is the only reason I didn’t get up and go to the kitchen more than I did. 
If I got up too often she'd end up leaving me and it was comforting to have her laying on me, feeling her heart beat. (Our other dog was up in bed with her other mama) I did however, get up and eat to feed my emotions. I had a great breakfast of veggies and eggs with 2 pieces of cinnamon toast. Then about 20 minutes later I got up and put peanu…
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"Go Ahead & Binge"? Are you KIDDING?

Binging is not fun. Nor is it healthy. Nor is it something that we should be encouraged to do. Yet, companies are making binging a joke. More than once I've heard an advertisement that tells me to binge. I can't remember the exact slogan but there were at least 2 very recently; one said something like "binge enjoyably!" and the other said something like "feel free to binge!" or "go ahead and binge!".

While I realize these companies were trying to get me to enjoy whatever they were selling more, I can't help but hear the encouragement to do something in excess and when it comes down to it, is that ever really healthy? Binge eating is MY struggle but what about binge drinking? Or binge smoking? Or even something that is "good for you" like exercise!? Is excessive exercise "healthy" because exercise is "good for you"?

I can't change the media, I won't change the slogans these companies are using to promote thei…


All of my life I've felt different.

As a kid there were obvious differences; I was a lot bigger than my peers. But it wasn't just my voracious appetite and the size of my clothes that made me feel different. I felt more at home with adults; I didn't feel like I could relate to friends my age. In hindsight, that makes sense. I spent a lot of time clinging to my mom and staying inside where I was protected from the torment. It's hard to understand and relate to your peers when you make it a point to hide from them.

Associating with primarily adults made it easier for me to walk into a meeting room for the first time on my own. Each time I started WW I started with my mom and each time I left WW I left with my  mom.  The last time I joined was no different. We joined together and after about 6 months or a year, I can't quite recall, she was ready to quit. I wasn't. I was nervous to walk into my meeting room alone, I'd never done that. I found a seat at a table…