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D14 Weigh In Success & A Traveling Tracker

My leader is amazing and she's been my leader now for 4 years!! I love her, she's always there despite the ups and downs and I can always rely on her to support me, encourage me and get me focused.

Something she's done in the past is take one of the 3 month trackers and let the members pass it around from week to week. I love when she does that because it gives us members a chance to peek at each other's weeks and get inspired by their meals and snacks! If I'm bored or stuck it's nice to shake things up a little bit and what better way than to be inspired by one of the people I sit with week after week? We're on the same journey and it's great to teach and learn from each other.

A couple of weeks ago we were talking about inspiration, meal planning, the importance of tracking etc. so I asked my leader if we could start a new traveling tracker! It's been a while since we've used one so I thought it would be fun to bring it back ;-) And as of tonigh…

D13 NSV's

You know what's more important than the number on the scale? NOTHING.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

I wish I could sit here and tell you that the number on the scale means nothing, that I never think about it, I just don't worry about it because there are so many important things happening OFF the scale that I don't have time to think about the numbers.

But I'm obsessed with the number and I'm always disappointed when it says something I didn't want it to or didn't expect it to. My leader jokes that it's like working really hard all week and come Friday the boss is in the office handing out the paychecks. One for Joe, one for Sally, one for Sue, one for Tom and surprise, Tom!! You got a bonus this week!! But when he comes to you he says "sorry, maybe next week." All you can think about is how hard you worked all week! Why does everyone else get paid but not you!? It's not fair and that's exactly what it's like when you track every bite, lick …

D12 Never Quit On A Hill

This morning I woke up at 4 a.m. feeling awful!! My stomach was KILLING me!! It hurt so bad it woke me up :( After about an hour it passed and I went back to sleep and woke up again at 8, but this time I woke up because it was time to wake up, not because I didn't feel good.
So glad whatever was hurting me passed quickly without any drama ;-)
At 8 I woke up and had a banana and a cup of coffee on the couch while watching HGTV, what a great morning :) At 9 I decided I wanted to run so I got dressed and off I went! It was dreary, overcast and drizzling but I was dressed for it and despite the clouds my disposition was sunny. I only went for 2.5 miles, I just wanted a quick easy run, a treat not a hardcore workout.
I started off with my warmup walk as I always do and started running after abut 1/3 mile. I wasn't really feeling it, but I kept going! I got about halfway up a hill and I started thinking "I really want to stop" but then I said "OK! You can stop …

D11 The Worlds Most Amazing Sandwich Minus The Bread

You know what's delicious? A sandwich from Subway loaded with veggies!! I love it because at home I never put all those delicious, crunchy and healthy vegetables on my sandwich. It's just not the same...

But I don't go to Subway too often because to be honest, I'm cheap! A Subway sandwich is like $5 bucks and like 7 Points Plus and yes it's packed to the gills with veggies but it's really not THAT filling.

So I skip the sandwich and make a giant salad at home, at least a few times a week. I put some protein source like low sodium fat free turkey breast from the deli, Weight Watchers chicken tenders or a Boca Original Chick'n Patty on fresh peppers, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes and to top it all off banana peppers and pickles! I know that sounds really strange on a salad but if it tastes good on a sandwich why wouldn't it taste good on a salad? Essentially my salad is a sandwich, minus the bread!!

I usually stick to a light or fat …

D10 5 Ways to Make Running Suck Less & How You Can Apply These Tips To Your WLJ Even If You Don't Run!

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and this article popped up on my news feed. I've been running for a while now and I figured it would probably have information I already knew because I know it all...obviously! But I clicked on it anyways, why not!?

And I'm so happy I did! I actually found it funny and I appreciated the reminders because even though I knew things before I read it I wasn't applying them to my runs...but as I read I realized how much this article was a metaphor for other aspects of my weight loss journey! I can apply these tips to more than running, and heres how:

1. Get your chin down! Keep your jaw relaxed. Being aware of tension in my body is super important for me and it's especially important I'm aware of tension in my jaw. I get stressed, I clench my teeth and what happens next? I'm STARVING. Why? Because I'm tense and anxious, I'm not actually in need of food! If I can catch the clench and get to the bottom of what's cau…

D9 A Successful Weekend Away Makes Me Feel Like An Ass Kicker--And It Feels GOOD!!

Hi! I couldn't write yesterday because we were at a hotel out of state and the hotel didn't have internet! What!? Crazy, right!? I mean, we could've paid $4.99 and got the internet but we weren't out of state to play on Facebook!! So we skipped the additional charge and spent some time reconnecting with each other and nature.

It was gorgeous! We got to our hotel early and rather than go to the casino to kill time (and lose copious amounts of cash) we found a beautiful state park to walk around! There was a boardwalk on the beach that lead to trails through the salt marshes and the woods and then back to our car. It was a short walk, probably less than a mile but it was so much fun and active which was also nice.

We often talk about "The Old Us". The people we were before we made the decision to get healthy. In the past we wouldn't have done something like that. The old us would've bought the internet or taken a nap before going to dinner and then head…

D8 Trainer In Training

Today I met with my personal trainer and she said "we're gonna do something different today. You're going to tell me what you're going to do! You're going to design your own workout!"

At first I was excited and then I was terrified and then I was excited again! I looked around the room...

Where do I start??

After catching my breath and a little coaching I was able to come up with a workout and she walked me through everything but not the way she usually does. Usually she tells me where to go, gives me the weights and gets me situated but today she made me pick my own weights, get situated (adjust incline bench, position the stability ball etc) and count my own reps. I didn't realize how much I depended on her until she took a major step back and I felt like I was on my own!

But it was awesome! I feel like I can go to the gym now on my own and actually work out productively without overworking or feeling like a moron who can't get into and out of the incl…

D7 What's My "Why"?

We've been talking a lot at my meeting about our "why". Why did we join Weight Watchers in the first place? Why do we keep coming? And for those lifetime members, why is it important to keep the weight off? If you don't have a "why" you might lose focus and end up quitting or me.

I'm stuck right now and it's because I don't have a "why" to focus on. I'm struggling to find my motivation right now. I don't want to quit! I just can't seem to convince myself to get my ass in gear. I'm complacent and I'm annoyed with my own complacency so I'm hoping that by talking myself through it I'll be able to move beyond this hurdle.

I know why I started Weight Watchers...I was in my early 20's and I was recently married. A lot of our friends started having weight loss surgery and they were losing weight quickly and looking and feeling great; I was jealous. So my wife and I both made an appointment wi…

D6 More On Sleeping

So I don't know if I'm the only one who occasionally struggles with sleep-or lack thereof-but I figured I'm probably not so I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me. Some of these you may have read before, maybe they sounded silly or unreasonable so you didn't try them but I did and here's what I think:

1. Stop drinking!! I drink constantly throughout the day. Not booze, haha! I drink a ton of water, coffee, name it I'm probably sipping on it. But if I don't stop drinking at least 2 hours before bed I have to get up in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once. 

2. Stop eating!! I'm a late night snacker and it's a huge problem of mine. I really struggle with the late night munchies and it affects not just my tracker but also my sleep. If I try to go to bed with a full stomach I most often lay there listening to the bubbles in my belly gurgle which is the most annoying sound and feeling in the whole entire world. Then after my…

D5 Exhaustion

Wow, I'm so tired!

I was up at 5 to give my dog a sedative to take her to the vet and back up at 7 to take her to the vet where she got her bandage removed from her foot and we got the spectacular news that she is cancer free!! WOO!!

I was trying to stay positive while we waited for the results but I didn't realize how much this was weighing on me until we got the results and it felt like a boulder had been lifted off my chest. But I also realized that anxiety and tension has been fueling me for the past 5 days and as soon as I breathed I felt like I was collapsing! My tank is completely empty. It's time to fill 'er up but this time I'm fueling my fire with good food, exercise and sleep, sleep, SLEEP!!!

I haven't had a good nights sleep in a while. I was doing really well up until recently, I had put myself on a bedtime and I was sticking to it but somehow I started staying up past the point of being tired, not getting enough sleep and then waking up in the mor…

D4 15 in 15...?

Yesterday I wrote about needing a challenge and as luck would have it when I signed on Weight Watchers Online to check my notifications and catch up with the community I had an invitation from a friend to participate in a challenge!

There are 15 weeks left in 2015 and the challenge is to lose 15 more pounds in 2015 and start the year off on a good foot! So, I clicked "accept". That was the easy part, the hard part will be following through!!

But I'm going to try! I'll break it up into 2 8 week challenges. For the next 8 weeks I'm going to focus on increasing my activity and make it my goal to earn at least 15 AP's a week. That's completely attainable if I make working out a priority; there's no reason I can't do that. There is only one day I can't go to the gym because of my schedule (9-5 on Saturday's and the gym closes at 5) but that leaves me 6 days that I can go to the gym or do some other activity. I am going to start working with my tr…

D3 Hungry Due To Lower Carbs?

Today started off great but this evening I found I was extremely hungry and it was true physical hunger, not head hunger. I did use some of my weekly points but I made good choices so even thoughI'm over my DPT I feel good about it.  

I think I didn't have enough whole grains/good carbs throughout the day. I'm trying not to eat so many carbs without cutting them out completely. I know some carbs are good for you and I know my body needs them but looking back at the last few weigh in's and my tracker I have been looking at what I could tweak and overdoing carbs is definitely one of those things. 

But today I really didn't eat any...I had protein for breakfast, a salad for lunch, fruit and cut up veggies for a snack but no carbs or whole grains. For dinner we had sushi so I did have some rice but I was ravenous after dinner which makes me think maybe I need some carbs to keep me full and satisfied during the day. I could've had a half of a sandwich with my salad or…

D2 Feeling Good :)

Today I woke up feeling good! I followed my food plan all day and stayed within my DPT. Today was the first day in a while that I've felt like "I got this". It felt  good to feel confident.

I haven't had a good weigh in 4 weeks in a row and it's really frustrated me and made me feel like a failure but I've taken a long hard look at what is going on and I've been able to pinpoint the ways I'm hurting my progress.

1. BLT's-Those pesky bites, licks and tastes really do add up! A pretzel here, a little bite of peanut butter there...those extra's that "don't count" DO count. Just like a single drop of water isn't going to damage a stone but several drops of water falling one by one will erode that stone over time, a fraction of a point isn't going to affect me but several fractions of a point will cause some serious damage. I've been paying a lot more attention to my BLT's this week and reminding myself that a teeny tiny…

D1 Happy Birthday To Me

Good evening! Today was my 29th birthday and it was even better than I expected it would be. I woke up feeling that today was going to be a good day, but I didn't know just HOW good it would be.

Work was wonderful, I had a regular client who I love working with and then I got to offer one of my favorite body treatments which is so fun! I've only done a few of them but today I felt like I really rocked it :)

I am working extra tomorrow and because of that my boss sent me home early today to enjoy my afternoon and celebrate my bday! She's the best <3 Because of that I was able to go to my favorite beach; I haven't been there yet this year and it's a magical beautiful place. It was so great to go and listen to the waves. Plus I got so many extra steps, heck yes! Love earning those Activity Points ;-) 
After the beach we went to my parents for birthday dinner and I thankfully did really well. I can't lie, I was nervous. I'm always nervous that I'm going to …

Just Had A Lightbulb Moment

So, here's the reason I love blogging so much. I just wrote my 30 Before 30 list and took a long hard look back on what I accomplished during my 28th year...

Prior to writing that blog I focused SO much on the things I DIDN'T accomplish (especially weight loss wise) that I didn't focus on what I did accomplish. But I took the time to write my list and realized how much I did accomplish in my 28th year of life. 

It took me 24 years to find career I loved, then 4 years of job hopping to finally find my forever job; about 6 months ago I took a leap of faith and left my comfort zone so that I could finally work somewhere I'd be appreciated and compensated fairly. I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do, but I did it and it paid off. I know now that I've found my forever employer...hopefully they're as happy with that revelation as I am! ;-) I've almost doubled my income, we've gone from living hand to mouth with 2 incomes to having a little extra left …

30 Before 30

Tomorrow is my 29th birthday and I'm really looking forward to it. 28 was kind of a crummy year and I looked back and felt like I didn't accomplish much. I didn't waste my year by any means but I definitely didn't accomplish as much as I would've liked. There were highlights for sure! It was a great year for my career. I taught massage therapy at the school I attended, I left my comfort zone and took a huge risk by starting a new job that I love and I'm so happy that I did! And to top it all off I've learned 3 new body treatments at the spa I work at! I grew tremendously and I'm incredibly thankful for that growth; but now it's time to start focusing on things other than my career. 
When I was younger I thought 30 was SO old! I couldn't imagine ever being 30. I figured by 30 I'd be living the life my parents were living at that age. Homeowners with 1 kid and 1 on the way, established careers and all that jazz. When I was young 30 seemed like