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D11 The Worlds Most Amazing Sandwich Minus The Bread

You know what's delicious? A sandwich from Subway loaded with veggies!! I love it because at home I never put all those delicious, crunchy and healthy vegetables on my sandwich. It's just not the same...

But I don't go to Subway too often because to be honest, I'm cheap! A Subway sandwich is like $5 bucks and like 7 Points Plus and yes it's packed to the gills with veggies but it's really not THAT filling.

So I skip the sandwich and make a giant salad at home, at least a few times a week. I put some protein source like low sodium fat free turkey breast from the deli, Weight Watchers chicken tenders or a Boca Original Chick'n Patty on fresh peppers, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomatoes and to top it all off banana peppers and pickles! I know that sounds really strange on a salad but if it tastes good on a sandwich why wouldn't it taste good on a salad? Essentially my salad is a sandwich, minus the bread!!

I usually stick to a light or fat free dressing and I always mix my healthy oil in with the dressing because A) I can then check off a GHG and B) it stretches the dressing a bit! ;-) Obviously I'm all about getting the most out of my food so I want MORE dressing but not more points :)

Sometimes my salads have themes but for the most part they're "everything but the kitchen sink" like the salad I packed for tomorrow nights dinner. I put the banana peppers and pickles in a bag on the side so they don't make my lettuce too soggy but normally if I throw it all together and throw a paper towel in with it the towel soaks up the moisture and my salad stays fresh. I just don't have any paper towels at the moment.

Here are a few of my favorite salads recipes:

1. Taco salad-iceburg lettuce, fat free shredded cheese (or skip it), green and/or black olives, red kidney beans, ground turkey or beef with taco seasoning (I like to scramble my hamburger with green peppers and onions mixed into the meat) top with salsa and light thousand island dressing and enjoy!

2. Berry salad-spinach, sliced fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, pineapple chunks, fat free feta cheese, boneless skinless chicken breast, water chestnuts, yellow and/or orange peppers, top with fat free poppyseed dressing.

3. BLT salad-romaine lettuce, turkey bacon (or bacon bits if you're feeling lazy!) tomatoes, red onion, fat free cheddar cheese and light honey mustard dressing.

4. Bacon cheddar ranch salad-turkey bacon (or bacon bits), fat free cheddar, green peppers, red onions, boneless skinless chicken breast, fat free ranch dressing--this one is good if you combine all the ingredients (including the dressing!) and let it sit overnight. Also delicious if you throw some whole wheat pasta in.

5. Cobb salad-romaine lettuce, turkey bacon, sliced hardboiled eggs, fat free cheddar, boneless skinless chicken breast, red onions topped with light honey mustard dressing.

Really and truly a salad is FAR from boring and you can make it however you want!! If you think a salad is rabbit food, think again! Get excited about getting those GHG's and enjoy your bread-less sandwiches ;-)



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