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D13 NSV's

You know what's more important than the number on the scale? NOTHING.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

I wish I could sit here and tell you that the number on the scale means nothing, that I never think about it, I just don't worry about it because there are so many important things happening OFF the scale that I don't have time to think about the numbers.

But I'm obsessed with the number and I'm always disappointed when it says something I didn't want it to or didn't expect it to. My leader jokes that it's like working really hard all week and come Friday the boss is in the office handing out the paychecks. One for Joe, one for Sally, one for Sue, one for Tom and surprise, Tom!! You got a bonus this week!! But when he comes to you he says "sorry, maybe next week." All you can think about is how hard you worked all week! Why does everyone else get paid but not you!? It's not fair and that's exactly what it's like when you track every bite, lick and taste; work out like a professional athlete; say "no thank you" to that delicious cheesecake yet when you hop on the scale the number staring back at you isn't what you expected. Maybe you lost a fraction of a pound, maybe you maintained or even worse, maybe you gained.

All week long you were SO proud of yourself! You felt empowered, strong and capable! You were actually looking forward to weighing in so you could collect the reward for your dedication. It's heartbreaking when you are not given that reward, isn't it?

A week's worth of hard work, a week's worth of pride, a week's worth of confidence stripped from you in a matter of seconds.

But I say


Enough is enough!! You worked hard, you felt great and you made progress whether or not the scale says you did. Sometimes you don't lose enough or at all and there are a million and one reasons for that tragedy that do not directly reflect your efforts. Maybe you're holding water, maybe it's hormones, maybe the moon isn't directly above you...who the heck knows? All that matters is that you are making progress regardless of what the scale says. Every time you work out instead of sit on the couch you're making a conscious decision to change your lifestyle and working towards being healthier. Every time you say "no thanks" you flex your willpower muscle which makes it easier in the future to keep making those healthy decisions. You're moving in the right direction and you're doing good things for your body even if you're not seeing the numbers change as often or as quickly as you'd like. 

Why should you let the scale make or break your week or deem you a success or a failure? You shouldn't! After a long hard week of feeling like a total rockstar you deserve to continue to feel proud of yourself. If you worked out NSV! If you tracked your food NSV! If you put on a pair of pants that didn't fit last month and they fit today NSV!! Does the number on the scale change any of those things? NO! Maybe you didn't lose 5 pounds but those pants still fit, don't they? They say a watched pot doesn't boil so maybe it's time to stop watching the pot. Focus on all the positive things happening OFF the scale and the scale-victories will follow. Trust me. 

I weigh in every Wednesday night so and I usually feel really great Thursday morning all the way up until Monday when the weigh in anxiety starts. All of a sudden I start second guessing myself. I felt so confident, was that false confidence? Will I actually weigh less on Wednesday? How disappointed will I be if I don't lose? If I don't lose this week how much longer will it take me to get to goal? Am I ever going to get to goal? Why am I such a failure? Why don't I just quit Weight Watchers? What's wrong with me that I can't lose!? Why didn't I run an extra mile? Why didn't I lift heavier weights? Do I look fatter today!? Are these pants tighter!?!?! 

And nothing, NOTHING makes me hungrier than all that weigh in anxiety and nothing makes me want to sabotage myself like feeling like a total failure. Which is why I always work on a list of Non-Scale Victories throughout the week and write them down every Tuesday. Because I know the anxiety I feel is clouding my vision and making it impossible to see how amazing I am. 

This week was pretty good!

  • I lifted weights 2 times this week 
  • I earned 16 AP's! (2 remaining, all 49 WP's still intact) 
  • I did GREAT at the concert with both food and exercise!
  • I stayed within my DPT most days and if I went over never more than 6 
  • I was very conscious and aware of emotional eating and haven't binged
I feel really good and of course I'm hoping that my hard work pays off on the scale tomorrow but this is the best I've felt in a LONG time and I know all my effort this week will pay off in the long run if it doesn't pay off tomorrow :)



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