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D9 A Successful Weekend Away Makes Me Feel Like An Ass Kicker--And It Feels GOOD!!

Hi! I couldn't write yesterday because we were at a hotel out of state and the hotel didn't have internet! What!? Crazy, right!? I mean, we could've paid $4.99 and got the internet but we weren't out of state to play on Facebook!! So we skipped the additional charge and spent some time reconnecting with each other and nature.

It was gorgeous! We got to our hotel early and rather than go to the casino to kill time (and lose copious amounts of cash) we found a beautiful state park to walk around! There was a boardwalk on the beach that lead to trails through the salt marshes and the woods and then back to our car. It was a short walk, probably less than a mile but it was so much fun and active which was also nice.
Salt Marshes 
Rocky Neck State Park, CT

We often talk about "The Old Us". The people we were before we made the decision to get healthy. In the past we wouldn't have done something like that. The old us would've bought the internet or taken a nap before going to dinner and then heading to the casino where my wife would order a couple drinks and I'd stop in at Godiva or Ben & Jerry's...or let's be honest, both!!

Before we got there we thought we might go out to dinner but we hadn't planned where exactly we'd go, just figured we'd find something there. I ate well and made sure to go for a short run before we hit the road that morning so that I'd have some AP's to fall back on should I need them. I figured no matter where we ended up I'd be able to find something that wasn't going to break my points bank. I love salmon and fish and in New England there's definitely a surplus of seafood! A baked or broiled seafood dinner with veggies on the side might be pointier than my typical dinner (because restaurant portions are always so huge!) but I felt like it would be better than a cheeseburger or getting pizza ;-) I knew it might be challenging but I was determined to stay on track.

But after our walk at the park we both started second guessing going out to dinner. Did we really want to? Did we have enough time? What were we in the mood for? For a minute it turned a little hairy as I began to think we wouldn't eat anything til after the concert and I knew that wasn't going to work!! But I also knew I didn't want to eat something big or heavy, I wasn't that hungry at the time but I needed something. So we decided to go to the supermarket across the street from our hotel and we made a delicious salad with fat free dressing and topped it with low sodium turkey breast. It definitely hit the spot, it was cheaper and less pointy than dinner out too! I felt so empowered!

When we got to the casino we wandered around for a bit waiting for the concert to start looking at the different sites. It's gorgeous there and enormous!! I don't really like to gamble but I did play (and lose) a few dollars before going window shopping. Coach *sigh*, if I had won, I would've brought a new bag home with me but no such luck. It was tough, but I walked past and dreamt a little and then kept walking...when I saw the Godiva shop my eyes must've bugged out of my head and the drool must've been running out of my mouth like Niagara Falls because the chocolatier locked eyes with me across the crowded hall and nodded at me. Twice.

But, I put my shoulders back, chin up and walked on! NSV!! It was hard but I did it!! And I have absolutely ZERO regrets!! We were in CT to see The Band Perry not to eat! This might be the first time I haven't planned a special trip around what I'll eat. I used to say "it's a special occasion! How many times do we go to the casino and since I don't like to gamble my treat will be eating ____ for lunch, ____ for dinner and of course _____,  _____, _____ and _____ for desert! Oh, and also _____ for desert. And I can't forget to bring _____ home." I know, it sounds crazy (or maybe you can relate!) but when talking about vacations I'd be more excited to plan my food than anything else. Going to New Orleans? Beignets at Cafe DuMonde! Iowa? Turkey and dressing sandwiches! I won't keep going...
A run, tons of walking and
some dancing! Earned 9 AP's! :)

To be honest, it's a little embarrassing to talk about my food obsession/addiction so honestly. I'm a work in progress and I'm doing much better today than I have in the past but it's still makes me feel a little weak...or crazy...or both ;-)

But, yesterday was GREAT and I didn't fall into my old patterns; I didn't revert back to being "the old me". I enjoyed my salad for lunch, I didn't feel anxious or sad when I walked past Ben & Jerry's and even though the chocolatier caught me staring I didn't cave and walk in! I just smiled and kept going...and I made my Fitbit EXTREMELY happy :)

I felt good coming home today, going for an easy run and then doing total body weights. I wouldn't have felt good if I had caved last night and I probably wouldn't have exercised because I'd fall into the "the weekends ruined anyways" mentality and continue to binge. One day at a time, it's not easy but it's possible and it's totally worth it to keep trying because the more opportunities you create for yourself to succeed and the more success you have, the more motivated you are to keep kicking ass!!

Be an ass kicker my friends!! It feels good :)


P.S. The concert was awesome!! :-D


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