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D18 Highlights Of The Day! (+ a recipe!)

Today was one of those rare days where everything seemed to go right; I woke up at 7 to hit the gym because I had a lot of stuff planned and knew that I wouldn't have enough time to do it all if I didn't get up early enough. I was unsure about whether or not I'd actually get up but I set my alarm and said "I won't wake up if I don't try to!" Much to my surprise when my alarm went off I was excited to hop out of bed and get to the gym.

I did total body weights today with the big boys in the big room. At first I was intimidated but then I said "screw it! I deserve to workout here too!" I know they weren't thinking about me, looking at me or judging me but I always assume the worst of people when I'm out of my comfort zone. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is guilty of this...

Today's workout: chest fly on the stability ball, wall squats with the stability ball, rows with a dumbbell, torso twist machine, deadlifts with the barbell, shoulder v's and t's, oblique crunches, sumo squats and hip raises on the stability ball. I was at the gym for an hour working up a great sweat but didn't have time to stay for cardio if I wanted to make it home in time for church.

We haven't gone to church in a long, long time but we met a great pastor at a church yard sale and she invited us to check it out so we thought we would. It wasn't Amy's cup of tea but I thought it was nice. My beliefs may have grown and evolved since I was younger but I did used to enjoy church growing up and today it was comfortable, nostalgic and it reminded me of the good ol' days. Singing the hymns, saying the prayers and sitting in the pew made me feel good.

After church and running a bunch of errands we came home and I made myself a delicious and points friendly brunch: egg and egg white scramble, Weight Watcher smoothie pancakes and turkey bacon. YUM!!

Weight Watcher Smoothie Pancakes:

-1 packet smoothie mix
-1/3 cup egg whites
-1 tbsp water 

Combine ingredients, prepare how you would regular pancakes on a griddle. Add more water to make pancakes more like a crepe. I add my 2 tsp healthy oils to my pancakes! You can't taste it and it doesn't change the texture of the pancakes and it's a GHG! Top with cottage cheese, jam, syrup or do what I do-a spritz of spray butter and enjoy!

After brunch we ran more errands including stopping at a grocery store that ALWAYS has free cookies and they're SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! Worth the 2 points I guesstimate they are; but today I didn't really want to spend the 2 points and I found myself holding the cookie thinking about whether or not I was interested in it...then I took a bite and realized it tasted terrible today so I threw it under the car...LOL!! It was a strange thing to do, I realize that but the moment of strength was fleeting and I knew if I didn't toss it at the exact moment I had the thought I'd end up finishing it and regretting it.

Yay me!

Got home from the grocery store and went for a 2.5 mile walk followed by a great warm bath with a cup of lemon ginger tea. While soaking I gave myself a a foot scrub intended to paint my toes and do an at-home-pedi but by the time I got out of the bath I felt like a wet noodle and had zero energy to do so!

I was toweling off, applying my decadently creamy and amazingly smelly (um...? amazingly smelly...? haha!!) pumpkin marshmallow latte body cream and thinking about how amazing today was, how I felt exhausted but wonderfully exhausted and totally fulfilled and I thought to myself "the only thing that could ever possibly make today better is clean sheets." 

I didn't think we had any because we haven't done laundry in a while (and desperately need to!) but I was THRILLED to find CLEAN SHEETS!!! AH!!! Somehow I mustered up the energy to change the sheets and cook dinner...while I cooked I packed lunch for tomorrow and now I am all set for tomorrow! By 7:30 all I had to do was sit, eat and relax...heck. yes.

I am so ridiculously relaxed and feeling so content and happy. Today was just what I needed. <3



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