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D27 An Ode To My Personal Trainer

Today my trainer texted me and asked if I had gone to the gym yet and when I told her I was headed there after lunch she asked if I wanted to come work out with her instead. I figured why not? She was doing arms and abs and I needed to work out so I headed on over and did a total body weights session.

I've never done that before! Usually when I work out with her she's training me so it was an interesting shift in dynamic to work out WITH her. It's like seeing your teacher outside of school...and I liked it!

While we were working out a mutual friend (our hairdresser! And the girl who set us up) called and said she wanted to come over and go for a run and they invited me so again I figured why not? I haven't been challenging myself when I've been running alone and I've been thinking about asking someone who's a stronger runner to run with me but I'm afraid to...I don't want to look like a jerk in front of someone else...thinking I'm such a great runner and then being put in my place by someone who's a lot stronger. But my trainer said that our friend is working on the C25K so it would be a mix of walk/running so I figured I probably wouldn't be too embarrassed in front of them.

When we first started running though they took off like jets! I kept up with them but I was thinking "holy crap! when is this over!? WHY ARE THEY GOING SO FAST!?" and just as I had that thought my hairdresser friend said "when is this going to be over!?" which made me feel much better. Thankfully I survived and didn't have to walk and the next time we started running I felt great, confident and strong and had a GREAT time! I was so thankful they asked me to join them even though it was really out of my comfort zone.

Not long ago the idea of even working out with a trainer was out of my comfort zone. I was so scared she was going to judge me or make fun of me (in her own mind of course) or berate me like the trainers on The Biggest Loser do. I was afraid I'd be puking or passing out or unable to move as she unleashed her wrath on me...thankfully she's incredible. She doesn't beat me, belittle me or force me to do impossible things. She encourages me, pushes me, guides me but ultimately lets me decide what I can and cannot do.

I now LOVE working out with her for a few reasons and if you're considering hiring a trainer but on the fence here is why I would recommend it:

Form: She watches my body mechanics and makes sure I have the correct form. Is my back too arched? Am I craning my neck? Not having the correct form worst case scenario can seriously hurt me but if I'm lucky enough not to get hurt I'm not going to get the benefits of the workout if I'm not doing it correctly.

Motivation: Without my trainer I find that I allow myself to slack a little. I wander around the gym thinking "I really should..." and then maybe I half ass it or maybe I skip it all together. If I'm at home I'll come into the living room to turn on my DVD and sit on the couch and sit...and sit...and sit...when I'm with her she's saying "do this. Now do this. Now that." and I feel strong and capable and I do what I need to do!

The right numbers: Do I need a 10 pound weight or a 50? Should I do 2 sets or 3? 10 reps or 15? How much is too much of a jump in weights? Not only can she help me with the weights I'm lifting but she can help me with MY weight by suggesting healthy numbers. She's got equipment like a BMI calculator and a measuring tape so she can give me my numbers and help me figure out which numbers are right for me.

Goals: Do I want to run a half marathon? What is a reasonable loss to want to achieve in 30 days? She'll help me create HEALTHY short and long term goals and then help me develop a plan so that I can achieve them 

Time management: She is a professional and knows how to help me get maximum results in minimal time without hurting myself or overwhelming myself. She can put together a workout that should take me no longer than 30 minutes and it's tailored JUST TO ME! I don't waste time wandering around trying to figure out what to do next because everything is laid out for me in black and white.

I love that I get individualized attention from her. What she suggests for me she might not suggest for someone else and vice versa. Her lessons are all custom for me and not one size fits all. We all have different goals and I want to know the best way to accomplish MY goals, not someone elses.

I hope someday I can be half the trainer she is. She's such an amazing person and I love that she believes in me even when I think I'm hopeless and a total failure. She's put up with a lot from me...last minute cancellations, countless excuses and promises to commit with no follow through but I never feel like I can't come crawling back. She always welcomes me with open arms and believes in me endlessly. I can't promise every trainer will be so incredible but I encourage you to reach out to a few, try a workout with one and maybe you'll fall in love too!! Even if you do one session a month to get a routine or have a fitness assessment to determine your starting off point it's totally worth it! If you're like me and unwilling or unable to take it to the next level without a little help then reach out and ask for it!



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