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Ok so I have about 10 minutes for me so I'm taking a few to write up a quick review of my Weight Watchers experience so far.

Obviously I love Weight Watchers and I've been a believer since day one. I've been very successful losing over 100 pounds with Points and then PointsPlus  and prior to that whenever I joined WW I was always successful.

Counting points is simple and easy and all of the technology makes it even easier! Not to mention I can eat real food. There's no fake food, no shakes, no pills, no supplements...I go to the grocery store and I buy  my food and then I count the protein, carbs, fat and fiber because food is MORE than just calories and not calories are created equal.

BUT...SmartPoints has changed the way points are calculated and first I was a little nervous but Weight Watchers has ALWAYS WORKED FOR ME. I trust the program, I trust the company, I trust that whatever they tell me to do is going to help me be successful. Now points are calculated by calor…

D66 SmartPoints!

I'm so happy about SmartPoints! I love Weight Watchers SO much and I'm sooooooo excited that the program has evolved so much! I love that we're focusing on things OTHER than food! It makes me so happy that we're talking about non-scale goals and non-scale victories. This is totally up my alley!!!!!

I haven't been consistent about blogging but I have been consistent about WW. Work has been really, really busy but also REALLY amazing.

LIFE has been INCREDIBLE lately! I feel so blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude and all the good feels, but I don't have time to talk about it because I have so much going on outside of this blog.

But I promise I will check in soon!!!


D65 11,000 Steps In the Right Direction

Today is super short because I'm exhausted and have to be up early tomorrow but I wanted to make sure I continued to check in like I promised myself I would.

Yesterday I talked about needing to get my fitness act together; I felt like I was being lazy and not doing great so this morning I woke up early, ran 4.2 miles and then did weights with my trainer. Tomorrow I've got weights and then Zumba for an hour...I'm excited, feels good to feel good :) Got over 11,000 steps on my fitbit today! WOOHOO! :)

I've got lots of work to do tomorrow before I actually go to work though so I've got to leave this blog super short and sweet and go get some rest!!

Just needed to check in and say "hey! I'm doing alright!" Today is a brand new day, a fresh start, a new chance to get it right...and I did great. I'll do great again tomorrow.

1 day at a time, right?


D64 Gotta Get My Fitness Together...

I need to get my fitness on track. I realized today that I am really standing in my own way. I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing wrong, maybe I'm not doing anything wrong maybe I'm just not doing enough of the right stuff.

I have this feeling deep down that I'm capable of amazing things. I really feel like I could be a strong runner and I know in my heart of hearts that I can be a terrific triathlete but I'm not pushing myself and I don't know why. I mean I guess I do know why...kind of.

Partly I'm terrified. I'm scared I'm going to look stupid as I attempt things I've never done like swimming laps. I know once I get into the pool the first time or 2 I'll feel better and I'll start to feel like I belong; the same as when I went into "the big weight room" at the gym. I was so scared of all the big beefy guys who looked like they lived there and even more scared of the super confident hot women who had the balls to play with th…

D63 Hormonal?

I'll spare you all the gory details but I'm pretty sure I'm PMSing. I don't know for sure but I feel puffy and fat and really, really ugly and insecure. It's a feeling I don't like, one I'm NOT OK with but one I know will pass because I've felt this way a million times.

Despite not feeling myself I worked out with my trainer, got my hair cut and my eyebrows threaded (which made me feel much better!) and threw on some makeup to meet my family for dinner (which got cancelled last minute. Probably a good thing since I'm feeling kind of icky and might have made some bad choices because of it.) Feeling pretty makes me feel better, even though I didn't feel thin, toned and confident like I have been lately it was nice to be able to see out from under my eyebrows (lol!) and I got a couple of compliments on my hair which always makes me feel good.

Maybe I'm a little vain, but at least I'm honest ;-)

I'm not looking forward to weighing in tomorr…