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30 Before 30--halfway mark!!

SO, since tomorrow is my half birthday, I figured it would be a good time to check in on my 30 before 30 goals! It's been 6 months and I only have 6 to go!! AH! I'm a crazy procrastinator so I ALWAYS put things off til the last minute...with only 6 months to go it's getting to be crunch time!! 
Get to goal!! (I'm not entirely sure what that number is but I know for sure I want it to be 149, maybe less)--not quite here yet but I'm at 150.6 so I'm getting close!Start a blog2 pack abs (just a little definition, I'll probably NEVER have a 6 pack, and that's OK!! But definition? It IS possible!)Take a trampoline fitness classBoudoir photo shoot3 half marathonsLearn to do a head standTake a hot yoga class5k in under 30 minutesPole fitness classBuy a carSave $5000--getting there!Work for Weight Watchers365 days of meditation-at least 5 minutes.1 month without the scale (I'll weigh in weekly but ask them not to tell me)Wear something backlessGet a proper bra…

I Fell In Love Today

I fell in love today. It was the craziest feeling and one of the most amazing moments in my 29 years of life. I will never forget the day I stood in the Target dressing room looking at her. Admiring her. Seeing her strength and beauty despite her flaws...maybe even because of them. She was stunning. Absolutely radiant and proud. She was beautiful outside but not because she had a toned stomach, tanned flawless skin and a thigh gap; she was a different kind of beautiful. She was genuinely beautiful. I stood there staring at her and admiring her and I felt myself smiling; caught off guard by how I was feeling! Almost a little ashamed that she caught my admiring eye. But she didn't reject my admiration; instead she smiled back at me and before I knew it I was crying.

Time was suspended as I stood there weeping softly, hot tears rolling down my cheeks but I didn't feel embarrassed in her presence. I was overcome with emotion but shame was not one. With her standing there I I felt s…