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Embracing My Corners-New Hair and New Outlook For A New Me

When I hit One-Derland I chopped off half of my hair and did a really fun "side mullet" to celebrate that I'd taken off 53.5 pounds (SW 253.4) and was now officially in the 100's. I felt fun and fresh and excited and at my start weight I never would've had the confidence to even CONSIDER such a drastic haircut. That haircut to me represented shedding the old me and embracing the new! To some, it was just an asymmetrical style, for me it was a symbol to the world that I was new and improved.

Since I did that there have been several different looks that I never thought I'd try. I shaved the sides of my head entirely leaving the top longer and parted to the side; I've had a pixie cut; I've had the P!nk haircut with both sides shaved and the top fluffy and these days I'm rocking a P!nk/fauxhawk blend with the sides and most of the back shaved but a small V that goes down the back of my head. It's ALMOST a mohawk but the V doesn't reach the back…