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I stepped on the scale the first day at Weight Watchers weighing 253.4, knowing that this was my last resort. If Weight Watchers didn’t work, I’d be having gastric bypass surgery because somehow, someway I NEEDED to get the weight off. I had 100+ pounds to lose. I was 24, recently married and even though I wasn't sick YET, I knew where I was headed. I have PCOS which makes me a lot more susceptible to developing type II diabetes; my mom is slightly overweight but nowhere NEAR obese and she is pre-diabetic and has high cholesterol.

*side note, mom joined Weight Watchers about 3 days ago. I'm SO proud of her!! I want her to live a long and healthy life, just like I want everyone around me to live a long and healthy life!! She's doing AMAZING and I have no doubt she will lower her blood sugar and cholesterol in no time. 

My father who wasn't sick a day in his life woke up one day in excruciating pain as a tumor the size of a baseball tore into his colon from his appendix. …

Social Media & Weight Loss

This whole weight loss thing isn't easy. It's SO freakin hard. Everyone on social media (me included!) is happy to go on and show progress shots at the gym, share healthy meals they've created and brag about how fantastic they feel; but they hardly say "OMG THIS SUCKS!" Well, I'm here to say it.


It's taken me 5+ years to do what some people do in less than a year!! That's so frustrating and it caused me so much turmoil. Why can Suzy lose 100 pounds in 7 months and it's taken me 5 years? Why is Betty on Instagram in a thong and barely there bra bragging about her "gains" looking like she's always been a professional body builder? Where is HER loose skin? How was Bruce strong enough to walk away from donuts and eat carrot sticks instead? Where did he get that strength? Why is Maura posting pics about pizza hashtag: #FatKidStatus wearing a bikini with her rippling six pack stealing the show? I mean I know we're sup…