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My Plan

I hear other people talk about other diets ALL THE TIME. I hear about how magical shakes are giving people pockets full of money and 6 packs and about how tracking macros turned a couch potato into a power lifter and how pre-packaged meals are the key to fast weight loss with no effort at all!! I hear it and I let it go in one ear and out the other because Weight Watchers WORKS!!! I'm living proof. I've lost over 100 pounds tracking points. 

But, sometimes I find myself entertaining the idea of incorporating one of those other programs WITH Weight Watchers because Weight Watchers is AWESOME and they'll let me do whatever I want. If I want to eat my daily points in Snickers they say "OK..." and if I want to drink a shake or pop a freeze dried meal in my mouth they say "OK..." but they also give me tons of materials and tools so that I DON'T have to do that and I can enjoy REAL FOOD and REAL LIFE. They gently guide me in the direction of healthy choice…