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13 Reasons...

I remember hearing the word obese when I was six. I remember thinking the doctor was full of it because I didn't feel fat; so therefore I wasn't. I didn't see myself as round. I didn't feel shame when I couldn't buy clothes in the store and my mom had to order my clothes from the JC Penny catalog; often returning them because when they arrived they were to small. I don't know why I didn't notice it but I do know that my classmates did. 

No one wanted to play with me because I was the fat girl and fat is catchy. Or something. Maybe they felt like if they came near me they'd be fat by association. Maybe they feared that if they were my friend everyone would do to them what they did to me-berate me. Make me feel enormous and small at the same time. Point me out and laugh at me like I was some kind of exhibit. 
I remember loving Halloween because our music teacher would turn off the lights, turn on the strobe lights and play Monster Mash. I'd be SO exci…