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2017 in Review

I'm going into 2018 feeling peaceful, calm and balanced. Typically I feel juiced up, ready to take on the challenges the New Year will bring me and ready to take advantage of a fresh start. I've written so many of those "New Year New Me" blogs and made so many empty promises but I don't feel that this year and at first I thought I was broken but now I realize I'm not broken, I'm just gray and it actually feels REALLY good. The "New Year, New Me" mentality is so black and white and it gets me every year. I'll admit it is nice to think about a blank page! It is nice to think about leaving crap behind and moving forward unencumbered by regrets and mistakes. A chance to do it over again, right this time...wouldn't that be wonderful...wait a minute! Isn't that called TOMORROW!?!? 

It isn't helpful for me to make a wish list for the New Year: lose weight, make tons of money, get super fit, cure world hunger, the list goes on. On January…

New & Improved

I've been thinking about starting up blogging again for a while. I keep saying "I'm going to! I'm going to!" and then not doing it. I kept talking myself out of it convinced that I don't have time. I drive a lot for work and inspiration really hits when I'm in the car but I'm not about to write a blog on my would be way too much to text and it would also be pretty dangerous to try to blog and drive. I'm not about to pull over on the side of the road and transcribe a blog either. If you know me you know I have a huge problem with that whole short-and-sweet thing. I'm rather long winded and when I get excited about a topic I usually have a lot to say.

So I decided that I'll use my phone to take voice memos which I'll transcribe later! This way when inspiration hits and I'm feeling inspired I can capture my thoughts to share with the world when I'm safely seated at my desk; not driving. Maybe the world won't care and…

2016 In Review & 2017 Goal

I just bought my domain and started my blog again and ironically I found this blog post which I saved as a draft last year! Figured it's still 2017 so why not post?


I remember this time last year promising myself that 2016 was going to be my year. I was going to step back, slow down and focus on ME. I was like "I'm gonna work out and eat well and get to goal and enjoy going to work BUT I'm going to leave work at work. I'm going to stop taking on so much extra." 

Yeah, that didn't really happen. But it was an incredible year.

I took a chance and tried my hand at something new; in the end it didn't work out but I'm SO happy I tried because I learned SO much and as compensation for the work I did I was given a trip to Costa Rica!! I know, that's absolutely insane and I am STILL trying to wrap my brain around how in the world I got so lucky, but there are some things you just can'…