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So Much Life Is Happening Right Now-BUT I'M OK!

So I already wrote a love letter to Pound which you can read here but today I'm going to elaborate a little more because, drum roll please (I'm SO punny!!!), I'm now licensed to POUND!!!

Yep, I'm officially a Pound Pro!

I went to an amazing training yesterday with two amazing icons (shout out to Amber and Reagan who are TOTALLY never going to read this blog, but that's OK!) and officially earned my license to ROCK.

I am sore today, but not as sore as I'd expect! I just feel like I participated in a class but we did MUCH more than that. There was lecture, so lots of learning and I'm a wicked nerd so I loved that! Then of course there was technique which is semi important...although Amber encouraged Drum Solo's and I'll be encouraging the same from my students because life is too goddamn short to be perfect!!

OK-WARNING-I'm totally amped up and might swear a little bit cause that's what happens when I'm excited so if profanity offends you stop…

Living Is Learning

I just started a new job and we give candy  to clients but of course if there’s candy I’m going to eat it and I cannot have just 1. The first day I ate 5... the second day I promised myself I would only eat 1 then I worried the entire day that if I ate 1 I would probably want another and I didn’t want to eat more than 1...I drove myself so crazy that I ended up eating 10 
I’m admitting this because I know you won’t judge me but I was full of shame and I felt sick after inhaling all those peppermint patties. 
I’ve been slowly building up to a pretty significant change in my eating and the incident with these candies was the straw that broke the camels back. 
Even though I know I CAN eat whatever I want, even though I know that deprivation and restriction DOES NOT WORK, I am also realizing that some “foods” are just not worth it. 
I was afraid to tell myself I “couldn’t” have any candy because I did a very restrictive diet and really wrecked myself but I also need to set some boundaries bec…
Today was a much better day than yesterday. I was tired so I slept in a little. At one point while half asleep I thought “I should get up, I have to eat breakfast before I go. Oh well, maybe I’ll just get an egg sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts this morning since we don’t have much food in the house.” Then I remembered I’m taking a break from processed foods for a bit since they’re having a significant impact on my eating and I climbed out of bed to make myself a bowl of fat free Greek yogurt with some strawberries and an egg that I ate at my dining room table. I made my own coffee at home and saved money and points.
It’s the first time in a really long time that I didn’t hit the Dunkin’ drive through for a large iced coffee. 2 points. 3 bucks. 
Every. Single. Day.
I had plans to meet my sister for a pedicure after my first meeting and I was REALLY hungry so I stopped at the supermarket first because I knew I could get something “safe” there. I remember from my Whole 30 days that Lara Bars a…

Ready To Take Control...Again...

Last week at WW we talked about body acceptance and appreciating where we are wherever we are. I put on a dress I was waiting to wear until I lost a few more pounds and rocked it despite the fact that I hadn't lost the weight I thought I needed to lose to wear it. I felt empowered so I posted it on Instagram and I got so many compliments about how great I looked. It was a pretty amazing experience to accept my body as it is and not feel like I had to lose more weight to be deserving of wearing a beautiful dress but the moment was fleeting. 

The longer I look at this photo the more I realize how fake it actually is. The smile, the caption about "appreciating what you have".I am not appreciative of what I have right now. I have lost a lot of definition that I worked really hard for, I have found a lot of weight. My weight is physical  manifestation of how I'm feeling right now and while I'm totally pro-body positive and I truly believe that health isn't equated …

Living Wellness

I signed up for massage school on a whim; I'd never had a massage and had no idea how endless the possibilities in the field were but my wife was signing up for school and I was jealous. "If you get a new career I want one too!"

I am incredibly lucky my leap of faith didn't end with a splat! Not only did I fall in love with the field but I discovered a talent I didn't know I had. Not to toot my own horn (toot toot!) but I'm actually a pretty good therapist, or so I'm told.

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 8 years and with each day I'm more passionate about my career. Joining Weight Watchers shortly after I started practicing as an LMT opened my eyes to how integrated this entire wellness journey is. To live a healthy, balanced life we need to focus on habits, not just eating at a calorie deficit. Weight Watchers has taught me a lot about balance it has taught me how to focus on things Beyond The Scale. It has taught me to be more mind…

Pound Fitness

Pound Fitness:
"Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Using Ripstix, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising POUND transforms drumming into an incedibly effective way of working out." I have spent an incredible amount of time feeling lonely and excluded. My weight ostracized me. I felt isolated and alone then I joined WW and I found people who understood me; now I work for WW and I have found a family. Because of WW I have a newfound confidence. I am brave enough to try new things and get wayyyy out of my comfort zone cause I know no matter what, I’ve got people who are going to catch me if I fall when I take a leap of faith. 
Pound Fitness is a physical manifestation of what WW is to me. It is connection, literally and figuratively. When I slam my Ripstix against the floor I’m getting low enough in my…

A Tough Day Can't Stop Me

(blog written 5/16/2018 posted 5/20/20/18)

Yesterday was a terrible day. 
It was gorgeous outside but I felt miserable and I stayed on my couch most of the day.
I don’t know what came over me; I wasn’t physically sick but I just didn’t feel good. I even skipped Pound. I’d been looking forward to it all week and I skipped it so I could sit on my couch and feel sorry for myself and honestly, it was silly.I knew I would feel worse if I skipped the gym and I think that's part of the reason I did. If I feel bad, why not make myself feel worse?
My dog snuggled with me which is the only reason I didn’t get up and go to the kitchen more than I did. 
If I got up too often she'd end up leaving me and it was comforting to have her laying on me, feeling her heart beat. (Our other dog was up in bed with her other mama) I did however, get up and eat to feed my emotions. I had a great breakfast of veggies and eggs with 2 pieces of cinnamon toast. Then about 20 minutes later I got up and put peanu…

"Go Ahead & Binge"? Are you KIDDING?

Binging is not fun. Nor is it healthy. Nor is it something that we should be encouraged to do. Yet, companies are making binging a joke. More than once I've heard an advertisement that tells me to binge. I can't remember the exact slogan but there were at least 2 very recently; one said something like "binge enjoyably!" and the other said something like "feel free to binge!" or "go ahead and binge!".

While I realize these companies were trying to get me to enjoy whatever they were selling more, I can't help but hear the encouragement to do something in excess and when it comes down to it, is that ever really healthy? Binge eating is MY struggle but what about binge drinking? Or binge smoking? Or even something that is "good for you" like exercise!? Is excessive exercise "healthy" because exercise is "good for you"?

I can't change the media, I won't change the slogans these companies are using to promote thei…