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D4 Energy

Today my why is the natural energy boost I get from making better choices! I feel so much lighter and less “blech” when I take care of myself. When I’m not making choices that make me feel good something as simple as doing the dishes can feel like climbing Everest.

I'm someone who is very easily overwhelmed and I'm a wicked self-sabotager. I pile WAY to much on my plate and then SURPRISE I can't do it all. I failed. I suck. I'll never get ahead so I don't even bother trying. It's exhausting and I don't just mean mentally.

When I overwhelm myself I become paralyzed and I feel glued to my couch. I'll keep telling myself "5 more minutes" meaning after 5 more minutes I'll get up and start doing the dishes but then I think to myself "then after that I have wipe the counters and unload the dishwasher and I just don't have all that energy!" So you know what I do instead? EAT. Which makes more dishes. And makes me feel like crap.

The next day I'll have such a food hangover I'll promise myself that in 30 minutes I'll get to the gym but 31 minutes later I'm still on my couch. I'm in the quicksand and I'm not going anywhere and the cycle repeats itself. Over and over and over. I sit and think about ALL the things I have to do but don't do them. I keep putting it off and putting it off and I get sucked deeper and deeper into despair and shame. It's exhausting.

So I've been working on doing just one thing which most often leads to another but even if it doesn't at least I did that one thing! It is one less thing on my to-do list and it feels good to check it off. The next day I'll do another thing. The more I practice small steps the easier it gets and before I know it I've reversed the cycle of shame. Instead of being sucked in I'm being pushed up and out into the world! I'm feeling motivated and successful and that feeling is WONDERFUL!!

I like making 24 hour goals. Today I'll _______________. Fill in the blank. Sometimes it's "I'll clean the bathroom." sometimes it's "I'll take a 10 minute walk." Whatever it is may seem small and totally insignificant but it's not. There is no such thing as small or insignificant and I'm learning that by practicing these behavior changes.

Eating well and exercise definitely make it easier to actually get up and get moving. When I don't have a food hangover I don't have as much of a reason to stay on the couch. I can say to myself "this sucks and I don't want to but I can so I'll do it and get it over with". Most of the time I don't have to say that though because I'm feeling inspired and capable.

The same way one terribly off track and out of sorts today can lead to a horrendous tomorrow, a successful today where I accomplished a goal can set me up for a successful tomorrow!

I'm fueling my tomorrows no matter what and I can fuel them with shame and regret or compassion and love. I try to live in today and practice mindfulness by not thinking about tomorrow but when a moment comes where "I just don't care right now" I take time to think about whether or not I'll care tomorrow. That generally does help.

It doesn't mean I'm perfect everyday, I'm human and I'll never be perfect but I can set myself up to fly or flop with the choices I make. The better choices, surprise surprise, feel better.

Eat well, stay hydrated and move. It's a prescription for success and the energy is a very welcome side effect :)



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