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I'm not cured and this sucks.

Disclaimer: This blog is my own. I work for WW but the statements and opinions expressed here are my own. I am not endorsed or compensated by the company for writing this blog; in fact I'm almost positive they don't even know it exists. This blog is my own, a safe space for me. That's it!

I am a lifetime member. I am a leader. I’m also a human and despite the fact that I love WW more than anything and despite the fact that I believe this program absolutely works, sometimes I struggle and when I struggle I try to keep it quiet because I don’t want to disappoint the people who look up to me as a leader and a lifetime member. I feel like if I’m honest people will lose faith in me or worse, the program. If people leave my meeting because they feel I’m not a good role model that would suck but what would suck worse is if they said “she’s a leader and she is struggling! If she’s a leader and she struggles clearly this program doesn’t work so therefore I might as well just leave!”