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So Much Life Is Happening Right Now-BUT I'M OK!

So I already wrote a love letter to Pound which you can read here but today I'm going to elaborate a little more because, drum roll please (I'm SO punny!!!), I'm now licensed to POUND!!!

Yep, I'm officially a Pound Pro!

I went to an amazing training yesterday with two amazing icons (shout out to Amber and Reagan who are TOTALLY never going to read this blog, but that's OK!) and officially earned my license to ROCK.

I am sore today, but not as sore as I'd expect! I just feel like I participated in a class but we did MUCH more than that. There was lecture, so lots of learning and I'm a wicked nerd so I loved that! Then of course there was technique which is semi important...although Amber encouraged Drum Solo's and I'll be encouraging the same from my students because life is too goddamn short to be perfect!!

OK-WARNING-I'm totally amped up and might swear a little bit cause that's what happens when I'm excited so if profanity offends you stop reading now!

I was REALLY nervous to walk into that class, I was SO grateful I had a friend so I wasn't walking into a room full of strangers but it was more than walking into a room full of strangers. I have SO much going on in my life right now I was seriously regretting adding POUND to my already full plate. I work for WW full time, I work for 2 different massage places part time, and I work 7 days a week.


OH and hey, forgot to mention this little gem...we're trying to get our house up to code so we can get licensed to adopt through the state. It's a little overwhelming but we wanna be moms so we're rolling up our sleeves and getting shit done.


  • Painting all of the baseboards and trim 
  • Painting the doors upstairs
  • Refinishing all of the doorknobs and hinges
  • Replacing the doors downstairs
  • Paining the walls upstairs including the stairway which terrifies me...haven't figured out how I'm gonna make that happen yet!
  • Touching up paint where I pulled wood trim off the walls
  • Tearing up carpet in the living room, den, stairway, upstairs hall and bedroom.
  • Painting the bedroom
  • Replacing all of the damaged subfloor 
  • Replacing all of the floors
  • Replacing the bathroom floor, vanity, medicine cabinet and ceiling downstairs and of course repainting it after a leak ruined everything. 

We are making some pretty good progress but our house looks like a construction site which is really anxiety provoking. I've heard once "physical clutter is mental clutter" and OMG there's so much clutter!!!! Tools, paint, crap...just everywhere. We pulled up the carpet in the entire downstairs and in the hallway upstairs and up the stairs and when I say "we" I mean me. It was a lot of carpet but it needed to go so now it's gone! Thankfully my family is totally on board with the idea of adopting and they're here helping a lot. I feel guilty because there's no way I could ever repay them for their help but also incredibly grateful because with my schedule there's no way we could ever get this done alone. My mom has spent countless hours pulling staples out of the floor where the rug was, my dad is replacing the sub flooring that was damaged after a leak and he'll help me lay the new floor and my sister has been an amazing painter. We are getting it done but we have LOTS to do.

Today I'm taking a little bit of a break from house work because we need a plumber to fix a NEW leak. We need a bathroom reno but they're SO expensive!! It's a "down the road" project but this is the second leak in less than a year so I'm PRAYING that we can get a couple more years out of it.

Last night in the middle of the night my wife woke me up in a panic because we sprung another leak. Not sure where it came from or what the hell happened but the entire upstairs hallway was flooded, the downstairs bathroom, out into the hall and the basement were just flooded. We are down to sub floor so there was no carpet to absorb the water but at least we hadn't laid the new floor yet!! Tomorrow we will call a plumber, don't wanna get charged an emergency visit fee on a Sunday cause lord knows we can barely afford the renovations we're doing.

Surprisingly I'm not having massive anxiety about this. I mean I'm not THRILLED but I'm not freaking out either and I think that's due to the fact that I've been tapping into my spiritual side a lot lately. Prayer and meditation have become big staples in my life again. I've also been reading more and watching less TV. I recently read Waking Up To What You Do and I'm currently reading Untethered Soul.

I'm a Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master so I'm SUPER into earthy-crunchy, airy-fairy stuff but for the past year or so I've shoved that down and I've become super pessimistic. Crippled by anxiety and fear of "what if" and I've been stuck in that "sky is falling" mentality. I've gained weight, I've stopped running, I've been depressed and unmotivated. I'm not sure why I shut off the spiritual side of myself but I did and I've been suffering since.

However, I'm getting back to my roots and feeling better and better. I've often talked about being black or white and today I feel very gray. I think a few weeks ago I might have gone to the extreme, panicking and crying about our current situation but I'm choosing to see things a little differently and instead of being upset I'm grateful.

  • I'm grateful for the fact that we didn't lay the new floors yet and our plumbing issue will be fixed before we do. 
  • I'm grateful for the help from family.
  • I'm grateful that we have a home of our own when this was something we NEVER thought we would have.
  • I'm grateful for the opportunity to make this home "ours", even if it isn't easy.
  • I'm grateful for Pintrest
  • I'm grateful for amazing clients and members
I could choose to be stressed about the situation. I could choose to be angry and ask "why me!?" I could shake my fists at God (or the universe or whatever you want to call it) angrily and say "WHY!?" but instead I'm saying "thank you."

I find the more I say thank you, the more I find time to be grateful the more positive I feel! Not to mention when I say thank you for what I have, somehow I end up receiving more. It's the law of attraction. It's like a boomerang; put it out, it'll come back.

I've put out so much negativity and crap for the past year and I've wondered why I felt buried by negativity and crap...

There's a lot on my plate, there's a lot on my to-do-list (#1, call the plumber!) but I'm going to keep chipping away. Despite the fact that we have so much going on, I'm very much looking forward to practicing my techniques as a Pound Pro and teaching my first class! Pound is a huge stress reliever for me. I feel empowered and strong and I smile the entire time!! When I leave I feel high, totally full of endorphins!! I do work 7 days a week but 2 of the days I only work a couple hours. In the future that might change, but for now I do have time to make it happen and more importantly I want to make it happen! 

I know Rome wasn't built in a day and my home will  not be finished in a day, in fact it'll probably never be finished but isn't that just like a Wellness Journey? We're never quite "done" so why not try to stress less and enjoy the process? There will always be an opportunity to stress. Seek and we will find, right? I could stress about the house until it's fixed and then I could stress about the adoption until it's done and then I could stress about being a parent (which will NEVER be done) or I can start practicing not stressing now. I can choose to step back. See what's happening. Acknowledge it. Breathe. Pray. Find gratitude.

Big breath in, big breath out. This too shall pass.


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